Corporate Profile
Corporate Name Stlining Corporation
Date of Establishment 2014/1/6
Head Office 3-16-14 Minamicho Nishitokyo-shi Tokyo 188-0012 Japan
Business Purposes
  1. Planning, Development, Sales and Maintenance of Computer Systems
  2. Information Services via Internet
  3. Business Consultation
  4. Leasing, Management and Maintenance of Real Properties
  5. Worker Dispatch Business
  6. All works related / derived from above items
Capital Stock 1,000,000JPY
CEO Takashi Ito
Number of Employees 2
our mission
"MAX FREEDOM" - Rule Creation by Creators
You can decide business conditions for your works by yourself as much as we can. You can set download prices, availability and charge rate for secondary creation and business uses.
"MOTIVATE TALKS" - Provide Surprises and Excitation
Works registered in our site are not shown on any other web sites and published as books, CDs/DVDs or any media. People with all kinds of background, like young or old, not-known or well-known, professional or amateur, literature / comic / music / art / movie, nationality, gender etc.., show their works in our site. You can expects chemical reactions by collaborations with talented creators as secondary creations.
"LIFETIME CREATION" - Support Old Creators
Even if it is difficult to create works as your business under existing industry rules, you can expect incomes to continue your creation. You can gain incomes not only by download sales but also by secondary creations and copyright permissions.