Terms of Use

Thank you for accessing to gauru.art !
This web site (https://gauru.art, we call it as "our site") is managed by Stlining Corporation.
Please read below terms and use our site if you agree with them.
And please understand these terms may be modified without any prior announcement.

  1. Definition of Terms
    1. Creators : Those who create works.
    2. Secondary Use / Secondary Creation : To create other new works based on any works.
      Original Works : Works used for Secondary Creation.
    3. Business Use : Use works for events / broadcasting / publishing / products
  2. Services
    1. By registration of woks with Text / Image / Document / Sound / Video format, creators can do below things.
      • Sell digital files to general users.
      • Get distributed income from Secondary Created works.
      • Get income from copyright permission charges for business uses.
    2. If you want to use any work for business purposes, you can not only get permission but also promote your business use by applications for copyright permissions.
    3. All general users can do below things on our site.
      • Check samples and buy digital files *this is limited to private use
      • Report Copyright Violations
  3. Charges
    1. When you buy digital contents to download, you pay prices defined by its creators or owners.
      Download sales income are paid to its creators (or owners, if copyright is transferred) after deduction of site use charges (10% of download prices) and secondary use charges defined by original creators and Japanese Consumption Tax equivalent amount.
    2. To use works for business, you pay business use prices and rates defined by creators when you apply for it.
      Business use incomes are paid to its creator (or owners, if copyright is transferred) after deduction secondary use charges (defined by copyright owners of original works) and our site use charge (10% of business use application amount) and Japanese Consumption Tax equivalent amount.
  4. Register User Account
    1. To use below services, you have to enter personal information and register as a user on our site.
      • Register Works
      • Buy Digital Contents to Download
      • Report Copyright Violations
      • Apply for Copyright Permissions
    2. SNS (Google, LINE, X(Twitter), Facebook) account is required for user registration.
  5. Policy for Personal Information
    1. Personal information like name, e-mail address, address and telephone number entered for user registration will be managed based on our Privacy Policies.
  6. Intellectual Property Rights like Copyrights
    1. Intellectual property rights for images, introduction text, sample and data files are vested in registered users and other text and images are vested in us. Users can use above information only for private purposes. Using (includes business use and secondary use) those information without any permission of data entered users and our site is prohibited.
    2. As brands as "gauru.art" is vested in us, you can NOT use without any permission from us.
  7. Prohibited Matters
    1. Any work which can be categorized as one of below things can NOT be registered on our site. If it is found after registration, its publication is stopped.
      • You are neither the person nor the requested agent of the copyright owner.
      • Consents have not been obtained from the related rights holders.
      • Violating other creator's copyright.
      • Contract terms with other Copyright Management Companies or Organizations may require duplicate invoicing to users of our services.
      • Offensive to public order and morals
      • Violating personal rights or publicity rights of others.
      • Mentally abusing any specific company / organization / religion / country / species without any reason or with misunderstandings.
      • It is possible to limit usage of works generally pervasive.
    2. For business uses, below behaviors are prohibited. If we find any of them, we may ask compensation for damages.
      • Use works for business purposes without copyright permission application on our site.
      • Violate creator's personal rights and publicity rights.
      • Apply with false charge related numbers like number of audience, repeat times for broadcasting, number of publishing or products
    3. We disable registered user accounts for below cases.
      • Unauthorized use of credit cards of others.
      • Uploading files which contain computer virus or register URL link to their origin of infection.
      • Registered by antisocial organizations.
      • Possible to use our site for money laundering or tax evasion.
      • Repeating to report false copyright violation or entering comments for mental abuse to interrupt specific users' creative activities.
      • Repeating prohibited behaviors.
      • Interruption or tarnishment of our site with malicious intent or other behaviors we think not good.
  8. Disclaimers
    • Though we will try to prevent and monitor behaviors defined in "7.Prohibited Matters " of this Terms of Use with our maximum efforts, we are not liable for losses and damages if they are not recognized by us.
    • We may stop / end operations or change parts / all contents of our site without any notices.
  9. Stops of Services
    • We may stop or end parts or all of our services without any notices for below reasons.
      • Maintenance or update of computer systems.
      • Difficult to provide services because of unavoidable occurrence of earthquakes, thunderbolts, fires, blackout or other natural hazards.
      • Shutdowns of computers or networks because of accidents.
      • Other cases when we find it difficult to provide our services.
    • We are not liable for losses or damages of our users or third person because of stops of our services at any cases.
  10. Changes of Services
    • We may change or end to provide our services without any notices and we are not liable for losses and damages caused by them.
  11. Change of Terms of Use
    • We may change this Terms of Use without any notices at any time when we think it necessary.
  12. Notices and Contacts
    • We use announcements on our site, inquiry form or e-mails to notify or contact with users.
  13. Governing Laws & Judicial District
    • We consider Japanese laws as Governing Laws to interpret this Terms of Use.
    • If we face any legal conflicts for our services, we consider the law court which exercise jurisdiction over our main office location as exclusive judicial district.

(Additional Clause)
This terms are in effect from 1st September 2020.
Date of Enactment : 1st September 2020 Date of Revision : 18th Dec 2023 Date of Revision : 31st Jan 2024


CEO Takashi Ito
Stlining Corporation
3-16-14 Minamicho Nishitokyo-shi Tokyo 188-0012 Japan