Defined Date 2020/9/1
Privacy Policy

We, the Stlining Corporation as the service provider of this site (, recognize our social responsibility to control personal information for customers, employees and business partners with high security.
We define policies to control those personal information as below, make our managements and employees to understand it deeply and proceed to implement higher level security.

  1. Management of Personal Information
    • To preserve customer's personal information correct and latest, prevent illegal accesses, losses, crashes, falsifications and leakings, we will take necessary actions like to maintain security systems, establish control processes and educate employees and manage personal information with secure and strict.
  2. Purposes to Gather Personal Information
    • Though we ask you to register your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and PayPal Account to register your created works, buy downloadable contents, and report copyright violations on our site, these your personal information will be used only for defined purposes to serve our essential services like identifications on payments, withdrawal of your sales income, transfer prizes and communications to resolve troubles.
    • As we ask you to enter your credit card information by services provided by PayPal, we don't store your credit card information in our ssystem.
  3. Cookies
    • We use Cookies for some of our contents.
      Though Cookies store information when you access to our site, they don't include your personal information like name and e-mail addresses.
      We may use Cookies to analyze your accesses to improve usabilities in our site.
    • You can change your web browser settings not to use Cookies.
      We use below access analysis services.
  4. Prohibition to Tell or Provide Personal Information to Third Parties
    • To manage your personal information adequately, we will not disclose personal information to third parties excluding below cases.
      • You agree for disclosures.
      • We ask other companies to provide services you ordered to us.
      • Disclosure is required by Laws.
  5. Risk Mitigations for Personal Information
    • We will take adequate preventive actions for illegal access, losses, crashes, falsifications and leakings of personal information to make personal information with secure and correct.
      And if any trouble comes up, we try to minimize damages and take corrective actions as quickly as we can.
  6. Referral / Correction / Deletion of Personal Information
    • If you want to refer / correct / delete your personal information, we will process after identification.
  7. Compliance to Laws and Regulations and Modification
    • We will strictly comply with Japan laws and other related regulations applied to stored personal information, modify and update our policy if required.
  8. Inquiry Form
    • If you want to know anything about our privacy policies, please contact us with the Inquiry Form.

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