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Revision of Terms Of Use due to reopening
We will be reopening after a major renovation.

Along with this, we will revise a part of our terms of use on the same day.
Purpose of Revision
Though works already released in other sites have not been permitted to be registered in our site, we changed the terms to enable you to register past works if there are no copyright issues.
As we recognized many creators have been hesitant to use our service due to strict limitations, we wish that this change may make them more interested in our site.
Details of Revision
7.Prohibited Matters -> 1.Any work which can be categorized as one of below things can NOT be registered on our site. If it is found after registration, its publication is stopped.
  • Already published as books / CDs / DVDs etc. or sold as digital files for downloads.
  • Already shown on other web sites.
  • Already used and sold in application software including computer games
  • Already registered and managed by other Copy Right Management Company or Organization.
  • Violating other creator's copy right.
  • You are neither the person nor the requested agent of the copyright owner.
  • Consents have not been obtained from the related rights holders.
  • Violating other creator's copyright.
  • Contract terms with other Copyright Management Companies or Organizations may require duplicate invoicing to users of our services.

Revised Terms of Use
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