Feedbacks from Monitor Users

Artist Introduction

Current Creative Activities

I work for songwriting, arrangement, and karaoke production for a wide range of clients, including TV anime, games, idols, and Vtubers, from major companies and agencies to individuals. I work as a composer and arranger, but I also completed the engineering department at a music school and am also involved in tasks such as mixing and vocal editing, so I believe I can respond to a variety of requests.

Why you decided to use as a monitor user?

I applied because I was interested in a new service. I have been looking for a place where I can consistently display my work, and when I was approached, I felt it would be a good fit and applied.

What do you expect from in the future?

I have always thought that there are few places where artists and listeners can connect more directly, making the service easy to use and enjoyable for both music providers and listeners, so I decided to create a place that is open to everyone. I hope it becomes.