Feedbacks from Monitor Users

Artist Introduction

Current Creative Activities

I opened as Music Shop Nekone, and it passed 3 year as of October 2024. I have been working for outsourcing contracts with companies as composers, arrangers, and lyricists, I also produce and mix music for many individuals. I am involved in producing and mixing around 170 songs a year. From February 2024, we will start activities as a music unit "Muvace" with vocals 42 & (Yotsuha), with an eye on overseas as well.

Why you decided to use as a monitor user?

After looking at the service content and explanation, I felt that it may be different from other services I have already registered, so I decided to apply to use it as a monitor and find out how it actually works.

What do you expect from in the future?

As there are an increasing number of similar services, we hope that we can differentiate ourselves and serve as a bridge between creators and users to create wonderful works more conveniently.
In addition, although AI is developing, I hope that it will become a service site that will create many opportunities for people to realize that there are works that cannot be created without connections between people.