Feedbacks from Monitor Users

Artist Introduction

Current Creative Activities

As a composer, I mainly work to provide music to Vtubers and companies. I produce a wide range of music, mainly songs, including rock, pop, rap, and BGM. In the future, I would like to expand the range of my activities as an artist, with my own songs, and as a Vocaloid producer. Also, through distribution, I work every day to provide an opportunity to deliver music to more people.

Why you decided to use as a monitor user?

In recent years, the number of opportunities for creators to engage in activities on the Internet has increased, and even individuals can now engage in a wide range of activities. I think that every time a variety of services come out into the world, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of chores that are separate from the creative part, such as optimizing the format and managing copyrights. Meanwhile, I believe that's service is complete in its management, which appealed to me greatly, so I applied to use the monitor.

What do you expect from in the future?

There may be services that allow you to sell your own copyrighted works, but I feel that there are not many services that allow you to think about the future beyond just buying them. We believe that is a place where detailed information can be attached to each work, making it easier for many creators to participate. I hope that it will become the center of creator activities and spread worldwide.