Feedbacks from Monitor Users

Artist Introduction

Current Creative Activities

This is Ryusuke from KAFF MUSIC. I mainly compose and arrange tracks using guitar. The genre of the work is mainly calm pop music, which is perfect for live streaming and work BGM. I'm originally good at the genre of "solo guitar," which is played with just one acoustic guitar, so I'd like to release more guitar-based songs in the future.

Why you decided to use as a monitor user?

There are many sales platforms that sell only illustrations, only songs, etc., but as far as I know, this is the first sales platform that focuses on "all kinds of works by artists". As an artist, there's nothing better than being able to sell your work in a variety of ways. I felt it was a valuable opportunity to be able to participate in such a place from the beginning of the release, so I applied to be a monitor.

What do you expect from in the future?

I think is the perfect platform for creators who create derivative works. I'm really looking forward to not only releasing it as my own work, but also seeing the chemical reactions with other creators. I think there will be more opportunities to learn about if there is a contest centered on secondary works, so if one is held, I would definitely like to participate.