Feedbacks from Monitor Users

Artist Introduction

Current Creative Activities


A beat maker who creates cosmic chill organic sounds. He continues to follow his inspiration, releasing works at a high pace, performing live at outdoor festivals, and publishing a photo book of his beloved SP404MK2 on Kindle.

Why you decided to use as a monitor user?


When I received the offer, I was thinking of starting a shop that is similar to the one in an RPG game related to beat making.
Isn't it fun to buy drum loops and use them for your activities just like you buy items and equipment?

What do you expect from in the future?

I wish that can continue the service for a long time.
It would be fun to see chemical reactions take place based on, such as conducting collaborative projects with famous creators, and co-sponsoring and developing a Metaverse exhibition hall where the works of participating creators are exhibited. I think so.